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Ja Ja Ja reviews Just Another Snake Cult's 'Have You Seen This Girl Anywhere?'

“The murky warmth of Just Another Snake Cult’s production is constantly imaginative. Every song seems to evolve by somersaulting, and it’s only once your little pop-loving heart is dancing that you notice the mild psychotic edge, and get a sense of something foreboding hiding away deep within. And that’s The Beach Boys through and through.”

The Reykjavik Grapevine Iceland Airwaves 2012 Edition

“… I decided the three of them would put me to sleep. A few seconds into their first song, I had witnessed the coolest opening of a show at the Airwaves 2012. The guy in the middle, singer/guitarist/things-master/ringleader, runs across the stage, jumps over the barricade and breaks into singing and dancing. The sincere kind might I add. No shenanigans. I’m swooned. [...] That kid has got some balls. He obviously doesn’t give a fuck. Right there, I’m on Just Another Snake Cult’s side. In matter of three or four songs the guy’s gone through a few instruments I’ve never seen before, he’s using a drumstick on his acoustic guitar, effects come in play liberally and no song sounds the same. Some are tender, others sombre. One song makes you drift off, the next gets one all pensive. Most importantly, Just Another Snake Cult made us wonder.”

The Line of Best Fit names Just Another Snake Cult one of five 'must see' bands at Iceland Airwaves festival.

“…mixes Brian Wilson with Ariel Pink and comes up with something truly compelling and original. Just Another Snake Cult’s sound pulls off that rare and peculiar trick of balancing the right influences with just enough originality to blow minds and capture hearts. We like this a lot.”

MTV Iggy reviews Just Another Snake Cult's 'I Know She Does'

“…even if romantic bliss is eluding you at the moment, it’s hard not to appreciate 'I Know She Does,' a chunk of sugary noise pop from Icelandic bedroom recorder Just Another Snake Cult. It’s just so sweet and the dude sounds like he’s so happy he’s going to lose his mind.”

Frettablaðið reviews Just Another Snake Cult's debut, The Dionysian Season.

(Translated from Icelandic.) “…You might think this boy [...] had fallen from the heavens. It's long since one has heard such a developed sound world from someone who's been so little heard from. [...] Sounds more like a fifth release than a first. What we have here is experimental psychedelic pop ala Ariel Pink that constantly catches one with their shield down. Bursting with ideas and clever production, this is a record that gives and gives.”

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Band contact (Iceland/mobile): +354-690-1557
Band contact (email): justanothersnakecvlt@gmail.com


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