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Show at the Park Gallery, April 7th

I’ll be doing another solo performance at the Park Gallery next Saturday, April 7th.

Also performing are:

Matador, who will be on tour from Santa Cruz, CA.



All-ages, bring some money to donate to the touring band.

Facebook event:

Acoustic Show on Saturday

I’ll be doing a solo acoustic set this Saturday at the Che Cafe on the UCSD campus in San Diego, CA.

Here are the timeslots:

6:30-7pm: TBA
7:05-7:35pm: Old Man Wizard (from the creators of Platypus Egg)
7:40-8:00pm: Just Another Snake Cult
8:05-8:35pm: Nothingful
8:40-9:10pm: Divided Heaven
9:15-9:45pm: Ash Williams and The Horde
9:50-10:20pm: Carlz Barkley
10:30pm: Sledding With Tigers

All-ages. Entrance is $5. It’s a benefit for the venue.

Facebook event:

Show: Monday, March 5th

Next Monday, March 5th I will be doing a short solo set here in San Diego to open up for some great out-of-town bands. Expect something weird and different from me.

iji is going to lay down some sweet good-feelin’ post-twee:

Filardo will soothen you with his croon:

Last time we played L.A. we were treated to a surprise performance by Mandarin Dynasty, and he left us with a CD-R of his then-upcoming album which I got to listen to in the car, and wow it was all really great. Looking forward to seeing him again and grabbing a copy of that album!

Mandarin Dynasty – Toledo Blues.mp3

I haven’t seen or heard Soft Salad yet, but this will be the chance.

Doors at 7pm. Please bring a donation for the touring bands. They’ll have come a long way.

Jan 19 at Barbara, downtown Reykjavik

We’re playing this super nice show next Thursday. This is your last chance to catch Just Another Snake Cult perform in Iceland for a while.

Both Snorri Helgason and Nolo have recently put out great new albums.

Facebook event:

Show on Wednesday at Reykjavik Backpackers

We’ll be doing a special acoustic performance on Wednesday night at Reykjavik Backpackers on Laugavegur.  Also performing will be a band called Porquesi.  Come grab some CDs and shirts to give as xmas presents.  We go on at 21:00.  Porquesi at 22:00.

Facebook event:

Show on Tuesday

Just Another Klikk Cult is brutal and heavy.

Here’s the Facebook event:

Tomorrow at Útúrdúr

We will doing an acoustic performance tomorrow (November 26, 2011) at 7PM for the closing of the exhibition of Jolanda Todt’s book Home – A House and Its Inhabitants at Útúrdúr on Hvervisgata in downtown Reykjavik.

Show on Friday: Harpa (Kaldalón)

Yes, you read that right. That newly erected palace of decadence, with its chic view of the surrounding maritime decay, that play-place of bankrupting bankers and lumpenbourgeoisie, the best building built for the best people in the best country in the world — the Harpa — will be having us for one evening and one evening only!

Undercurrents concert seriesWhen: Friday, October 28, 2011 — show starts at 5:30PM sharp!

Where: Harpa Kaldalón

Who: Just Another Snake Cult and Sykur

What: The debut of a new concert series presented by Harpa and 12 Tónar entitled Undiraldan (Undercurrents)

Cost: Free of charge!

Facebook event:

Just Another Snake Cult’s on- and off-venue schedule for Iceland Airwaves Festival 2011

This year we are performing once again at the Iceland Airwaves festival. Our schedule has turned out pretty hectic! Looking forward to an extended weekend of lugging our instruments in the frosty rain all over downtown.  I’m not kidding.  This is going to be so much fun.

To kick things off, we’re playing on Wed, Oct. 12 at 5PM at the Kimi Records/KEXP off-venue showcase at KEX Hostel. This will be broadcast live by KEXP, both on the air in Seattle and streaming on their website. So no matter where you are, you can listen! (5PM in Iceland is 10AM on the US west coast.) RSVP to the Facebook event invite to remind yourself. Other bands playing this show include Gus Gus, Samaris, and Retro Stefson. Worth checking out!

Later that evening at 7:30PM we head over to Barabara, which is Reykjavík’s only gay bar.  Like all off-venue shows (with the exception maybe of the Vesterbæjarlaug swimming pool shows?) entrance is free.

The next day, Thur, Oct. 13 at 9:30PM (was 10PM), perfectly timed for you to catch us while on your way out the door to some hot on-venue events, we close up the line-up at the Reykjavík Backpackers hostel.

Come Friday, Oct. 14 we will be playing at  4:30PM at Kaffistofan, which is a cool student-related art gallery at Hverfisgata 44 (one street down from the main drag, Laugavegur).

And then, if you can manage to stay up past midnight, at 1:10PM Friday night (technically Saturday morning) we play our on-venue show at Amstersdam.

Then on Sunday perhaps you’ll find us performing somewhere strange and spontaneous as we galavant around the city with a film crew from La Blogothèque.


  • Wed Oct. 12 @ 5:00PM – (off-venue) KEX Hostel
  • Wed Oct. 12 @ 7:30PM – (off-venue) Barbara
  • Thu Oct. 13 @ 10:00PM 9:30PM (updated time) – (off-venue) Reykjavík Backpackers
  • Fri Oct. 14 @ 4:30PM – (off-venue) Kaffistofan
  • Fri Oct. 14 (but technically Saturday by the time we play) @ 1:10AM – (on-venue) Amsterdam

Stay tuned — having spent the time checking out almost every single band listed as playing the festival, I’ll shortly be posting a guide to some of my personal highlights.  Follow via facebook, twitter, tumblr, or rss.

Menningarnótt 2011 / August 20

UPDATEJust Another Snake Cult is now playing THREE shows on Menningarnótt (“Culture Night” / Saturday, Aug. 20).  Lots of exciting changes with the band.  I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just snagged Túmi, sax player from The Heavy Experience, and he will be making his debut with the band on Saturday.  Lára continues on cello, Beggi on bass. Our keyboardist, Áa, has returned from California, but may not be in town on Saturday.  Linus is now on electric guitar and I’ve switched to the acoustic. AND! Ási, who plays in a number of bands, including Muck and Markús and the Diversion Sessions, is our new drummer and will also be making his debut with the band on Saturday.  We’ve been rehearsing and I’m excited by how things are coming together!

Catch us at the following shows:

Bar 11 (outdoors)

14:00 – 17:00

??:?? – Lockerbie
??:?? – Berndsen
15:30 – Just Another Snake Cult
??:?? – Vintage Caravan

KEX Hostel

Kex Hostel & Kimi Records
On Reykjavik Culture night, 20th of August from 14:00 to 18:00

Sæmundur goes to the pub in his fancy clothes
Food and Music Market
Art Exhibition
Cocktail hour

14:15 – Sóley
15:00 – Hermigervill
16:15 – Loji
17:15 – Just Another Snake Cult

Reykjavík!/SWC Rehersal Space (Hólmaslóð 2, which is in the Grandi area and is the same building as TÞM)

Bands Reykjavík! and Sudden Weather Change open their rehearsal studio for a day of music, art and fine food. Performances by Reykjavík!, Mugison, Sudden Weather Change, Just Another Snake Cult and Ofvitarnir. Fresh fish meals courtesy of Ísafjörður’s Tjöruhúsið and an art show by acclaimed painter Ísak Óli Sævarsson. Kimi Records will host a discount market of music as well. No entry fee.

15:00—Market and exhibit open
19:00—Concerts commence
23:00—Fireworks exhibit at the harbour

Hólmaslóð 2