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Just Another Snake Cult photo by Keiko Kurita

photo by Keiko Kurita

Just Another Snake Cult is an art-pop project based out of Reykjavík, Iceland.

What Others Are Saying…

“The murky warmth of Just Another Snake Cult’s production is constantly imaginative. Every song seems to evolve by somersaulting, and it’s only once your little pop-loving heart is dancing that you notice the mild psychotic edge, and get a sense of something foreboding hiding away deep within. And that’s The Beach Boys through and through.”
Ja Ja Ja

“Wonderful and über-catchy lo-fi psychedelic indie-pop”
Selected Songs

“Led by Icelandic wunderkind and multi-instrumentalist Thor (a.k.a. Þórir), Just Another Snake Cult finds his new project sipping from the same pot as Ariel Pink and John Maus. Playing everything from autoharps to acoustic guitars with drumsticks, his approach to crafting pop songs can be compared to that of Brian Wilson circa Smile. Upon hearing his charming bedroom based psych-pop live, one might picture being in a Wes Anderson film. With a strong emphasis on melody, Thor created songs filled with melodrama utilizing dissonance clashing with cheerful melodies. To complement Thor’s enchantment with melodrama, a cellist and violinist accompanied him and helped accentuate his live musical vision in a way that was neither distracting nor pretentious.”

Iceland Airwaves: Five Bands You Must See […] mixes Brian Wilson with Ariel Pink and comes up with something truly compelling and original. Just Another Snake Cult’s sound pulls off that rare and peculiar trick of balancing the right influences with just enough originality to blow minds and capture hearts. We like this a lot.”
The Line of Best Fit

“[…] eccentric but accessible style, which merges psychedelic indie pop with synthesized wizardry often self-programmed […] The effect has been referred to as that of a layered one-person Phil Spector-style wall of sound, made all the more lo-fi by its recording on a hand-me-down laptop. […] The big group played an endearingly ramshackle set at the KEX Hostel with just about any instrument you could find.”

“… I decided the three of them would put me to sleep. A few seconds into their first song, I had witnessed the coolest opening of a show at the Airwaves 2012. The guy in the middle, singer/guitarist/things-master/ringleader, runs across the stage, jumps over the barricade and breaks into singing and dancing. The sincere kind might I add. No shenanigans. I’m swooned. And there’s hardly anybody here. The crowd is glued to the sides, leaving a gaping floor to this one-man love dance. That kid has got some balls. He obviously doesn’t give a fuck. Right there, I’m on Just Another Snake Cult’s side. In matter of three or four songs the guy’s gone through a few instruments I’ve never seen before, he’s using a drumstick on his acoustic guitar, effects come in play liberally and no song sounds the same. Some are tender, others sombre. One song makes you drift off, the next gets one all pensive. Most importantly, Just Another Snake Cult made us wonder.”
— Birkir Fjalar Viðarsson, The Reykjavík Grapevine (Iceland Airwaves Edition)

“A combination of insane synthesizers and singer-songwriter staples — and in this case, perhaps influence from The Beach Boys — Just Another Snake Cult frequently sounds something like Cryptacize, only with male vocals.”
—  Redefine Magazine

“But even if romantic bliss is eluding you at the moment, it’s hard not to appreciate “I Know She Does,” a chunk of sugary noise pop from Icelandic bedroom recorder Just Another Snake Cult. It’s just so sweet and the dude sounds like he’s so happy he’s going to lose his mind. The tune sounds a little blown out and fuzzy around the edges, so fans of The Drums and The Raveonettes will likely be into this. […] You could argue that the world didn’t need another lo-fi pop song about being confident of your significant other’s affections, but, as I pointed out earlier, how many of those are there really? The fact that he’s so stoked might be the weirdest part about the whole thing.”
—  MTV Iggy

(translated from Icelandic:) “… The album is a surprising gift of joy, full to the brim with well written and well played psychdelic pop. Fans of Syd Barrett, Belle and Sebastian, and MGMT will not be let down… 4/5 stars (translated from Icelandic)”
Dr Gunni, Morgunblaðið

(translated from Icelandic:) “…sounds more like a fifth release than a debut. What we have here is experimental psychdelic pop ala Ariel Pink that constantly catches one by with their shield down. Bursting with ideas and clever production… 4/5 stars”
— Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen, Fréttablaðið

“[…]whose freak pop tapestries often defy expectation and categorisation. He has just finished a new EP of minimal electronic / dream pop material called Birds Carried your Song Through The Night. It actually took me a bit to warm to, but when these tracks sink in, its impressive. ”
Sonic Masala

“[…] the video for his newest single I Know She Does, three minutes of indie pop perfection. Influences for the track are easy to spot, with the likes of The Smiths and Pale Saints, amongst numerous shoegaze bands appearing to inform his work, as well as more modern artists like The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and The Drums. The video itself is bizarre yet engaging, blurred shots of Thor singing, mixed with lyrics from the track scrawled over the top of the images, leaves the viewer confused yet temporarily mesmerized. […]”
—  Crack in the Road

“This is one man making some glorious noise. It honestly does not sound that lo-fi to me, and even if it is, there ain’t nothing lo-fi about these hooks! “I Know She Does” especially has gotten a lot of plays from me. Perhaps because it feels like a summer song (never mind that it’s barely spring where I am): it is upbeat and catchy and big, and it is also about head-over-heels crazy love. …”
—  Those Who Dig

“Stop what your’e doing and set aside the next 2:48 minutes to watch his homemade video for this insanely good single from his new album Ghosts.”
—  yvynyl

“..my favorite has to be the closing track, “Engaged Withdrawal”. It starts off a bit rocky, but about 30 seconds in the track really finds its footing. Adding layer after layer the track ends on a heartbreaking note. Playing out like some lovelorn ballad from the early 1960’s, the track achieves near perfection by its final few notes.”
—  Cactus Mouth

“There is a dream-like, instrumental quality to the album, and although though most tracks have lyrics, the resonating sharpness of the synths and singer/band leader Þórir Bogason’s mumbled way of singing combine to undercut them, almost to the point where they are not necessary.”
Bergrún Anna Hallsteinsdóttir, Reykjavik Grapevine

“This tape is a heap of pop musicality shrouded in perfectly awkward synthesizer musings that are at once a throwback and fresh. Every song is good, catchy and interesting – a real accomplishment from a still relatively underrated writer like Thor. Included is a radical rethinking of Woody Guthrie’s “Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key”, which does exactly what all of my favorite covers do – do justice to the original composition while making the song the artists’ own.”
Tom Filardo, Suave Citation

“[…] Question: What do you do with twenty-hour nights? Answer: Record a lot of instruments single-handedly, apparently. […] to be a “one-man Wall-of-Sound”. It’s a noble ambition, and I have to hand it to him: he’s pretty much managed it. […] The real point, though, is that his music is insanely catchy, upbeat, and totally convincing. Every single track is dripping with enthusiasm.”
—  ListenBeforeYouBuy

“The Icelandic band’s newest EP Ghost has no barriers when it comes to psychedelic-pop-lofi that takes you back while bringing you forward in the new era of ’name your own price’ music.”
—  Day Night Blog

“his ramshackle sound which is steeped in retro influences. Part psychedelic, part 60s twee, part reverb soaked atmospherics, this kooky and off the wall album is a giant mess of indie charm. Bogason’s style is akin to They Might Be Giant’s ADHD, off the wall pop songs, and like the American duo, this record is definitely a must to listen to. Marvellously odd.”
Music Gob

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