Merch table from tour

Here you can see the posters I was selling on tour (and all the iji merch, Erin’s Wizards of the Ghost record label, and the James Rabbit albums that weren’t sold out by the time we got to SLC):

Lots of cool stuff there. I’d put my CDs and pins in the wrong pile when packing for the trip, and so they got left behind in Iceland.  Ooops.

On tour I played keyboard, bass, and guitar in iji.  Cool Dream is the newest iji album, and along with In Celebration is among my favorite two. We made a joke about iji being a post-twee band, but I also think it’s a good description. Have a listen:

James Rabbit is a band that I used to be in when I lived in Santa Cruz, and are still one of my favorite bands. They put on a really fun show, and Tyler writes really amazing pop songs. They aren’t so tech savvy so their newest great album, Cactuses, is not available for listening online. But Cyclorama is newish and pretty cool too:

Currently eight of their sixty or so releases are available on their bandcamp.

While we were on tour, our friend Fletcher’s record label, Gnome Life Records, put out Erin/Mega Bog’s debut, Okay Human on cassette.

Shelby has his own project called Sundance Kids. His split cassette with fellow Seattlites, the Neighbors, is somewhere on that merch table. But right now I’m especially digging his new one:

Lets see.. there’s a comic by our friend Charlie.

There’s the Remambran tape, which is Mallory (formerly of Backpack and Mammary) from Santa Barbara. She’s got a really cool distinctive voice. Love the jangly pop that comes from Mallory and gang.

If you like that check out their newest endeavor, MOMS (Miracles of Modern Science).

There’s Kenneth’s Slashed Tires cassette, which is really bizarre and cool experimental anti-pop-a-billy:

Then there’s Jenny’s Pet Dander tape. I can’t find a link to that online, but here’s some of her other music:

There’s more, but I think this is overkill. Basically, there was lots to choose from! Hope you enjoyed checking it out.

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