Tour Update – Stranded in the desert

After our San Diego show we had a day off to get over to Phoenix. We had decided, since many of us were sick, to just get over there, take it easy, and get better. A wrench was thrown into our plans when at a gas station in the desert 20 miles east of El Centro, our minivan broke down.

The gas station owner tried all he could get the van from us, with discouragement, threats, and lies.  But despite it all we were all in good spirits and worked to solve our problems.  We managed to get a tow truck to junk the minivan.  And after 5 hours of being stranded, James Rabbit arrived with a rental minivan so that we could shuttle ourselves and our gear over to Phoenix. They had had to drive back to the San Diego airport to get it since all other car rental places were closed.

Over the next few days every spare moment was spent used-car shopping while borrowing one of Zach’s parents’ cars for the shows in the Phoenix area.

This is my first time in Arizona. It is hot and dry! We’re talking upper 80°F’s (30°C), and it’s only March. But my experience of the music scene is quite positive so far. The houseshow in Flagstaff was sweet.

Then we played the Trunkspace in Phoenix, which is a great small all-ages venue. I was blown away by French Quarter‘s phenomenal yet understated musicianship, especially Stephen Steinbrink’s guitar playing. Hello The Mind Control and Feel Free were also really good.

The next day we woke up early to drive over to the Bröötal Sun Fest in Tucson. Just Another Snake Cult and Mega Bog played at the Dry River, which is an awesome anarchist collective community space. The show went great.

Later that night iji and James Rabbit played at Skrappy’s, which is a giant all-ages venue, as part of the festival. The energy was off the hook. The whole day at the festival was rad — well organized and smoothly run, cool bands, and such a positive feeling.  I without a doubt want to come again next year, and if possible be there for all three days.

Shelby bought a station wagon in Tucson, so today we’re off on the road again.  New Mexico tonight, Texas tomorrow.  Loooong drives.

If anybody wants to book any of our bands (Just Another Snake Cult, iji, James Rabbit, or Mega Bog) for any kind of show in Austin March 18-20, let me know, as we’d all love to play more.  Call me at 831-824-4240 and leave a message if I don’t pick up (my phone acts weird).

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