Tour Update – Out of the snow and into the sunshine

This tour is going great! In case you don’t read my blog all the time, here’s what’s going on with me: I flew out to Seattle to play keyboards in a band called iji on a 5 week tour of the US. Since the members of iji were also my backing band on tour last October we’re playing a couple Just Another Snake Cult songs at the shows as part of the iji sets.

We started tour in Vancouver, BC were we played again with Collapsing Opposites, who are really great. I’d describe them as posi-twee-pop-punk.

The next show was in Seattle. Hungry Cloud Darkening wrecked their van in the snow and therefore could not make it, which is a shame because I’ve been wanting to see them. But we did a full Just Another Snake Cult set in their place and it went over really well. Olympia was fun, and I got to see more friends.

The weather was freezing and snowing and generally miserable until we got down to California. We played in Oakland in the backyard of a giant, beautiful turn-of-the-century Victorian house. It had art nouveau wallpaper in the bathroom. Lots of sculptures in the yard. Kale and sweet potatoes on the stove. I got homesick for California. It was such a good feeling.

Santa Barbara was also a good feeling. I’m always really happy to see everybody there. We went to the beach and got sun burned. I’m looking forward to hearing recordings from Power Of Now, because the songs that were played at the show were really cool.

Tonight was our L.A. show. We played at the Smell. My past Smell experience was really rotten, but today was nice. That iji, James Rabbit, and Pangea all played at the same show was amazing. Pangea never ceases to amaze me. They burned us a copy of their latest album — really great garage rock stuff. In addition to backing me on a couple of my songs, iji backed up Mandarin Dynasty for a special guest appearance. In the car we’ve been listening to a preview of a forthcoming Mandarin Dynasty album and we’re all really excited for it.

The shows just keep getting more fun.  I’m loving seeing James Rabbit play every night.  They are easily one of the best bands in existence.

Here are the remaining upcoming shows:

March 9th San Diego, CA – The Park Gallery

March 10th ??

March 11th Flagstaff, AZ – Cottage House

March 12th Phoenix, AZ – The Trunkspace w/ Hello the Mind Control, French Quarter, and Feel Free

March 13th Tucson, AZ – Brutal Sun Fest at Scrappys w/Just Another Snake Cult

March 14th Santa Fe, NM

March 15th Amarillo, TX– The 806

March 16th Grapevine, TX – Pause

March 17th Houston, TX – Super Happy Fun Land

March 18th Austin, TX – ?

March 19th Austin, TX – Waterloo Cycles 12pm

March 20th Austin, TX – ?

March 21st Norman, OK – The Red Room

March 22nd Kansas City, MO – The Studded Bird w/ Mary Fortune

March 23rd Denver, CO – Yellow Feather Coffee w/ All Liver no Onions and D-Starts

March 24th Grand Junction, CO

March 25th Salt Lake City, UT – House Show

March 26th Logan, UT – The Why Sound

March 27th Missoula, MT– The Lab

March 28th Moscow, ID – Mr. Studley’s House

March 29th SPOKANE, WA

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