Iji Tour and Bröötal Sun Fest 2011

I am going on a U.S. tour — not my own, but playing keyboards with my friends in the band Iji (who are pretty much the same people as in Mega Bog, but with Zach’s songs instead of Erin’s).  EDIT: I forgot to mention, but we will play some Just Another Snake Cult songs during the iji sets!  Thanks Zach for pointing that out!  So you will get your taste of the Seattle incarnation of Just Another Snake Cult! We’re traveling with a band I used to be in called James Rabbit.  It’s going to be roughly 5 weeks on the road, covering a big loop of the west half of the United States.  We’ll be in Austin during the b.s. that’s going on there in late March.  And we are doing at least one Just Another Snake Cult performance along the way, at Bröötal Sun Fest 2011 in Tucson, Arizona on March 13th.

Brootal Sun Fest 2011 Flyer

Here’s links to most of the bands on the line-up.

Check out the page for our tour for more info on that, and here’s the route:

Feb 26th Vancouver, CA – Nyala w/ Collapsing Opposites

Feb 27th Seattle, WA – Healthy Times Fun Club w/ Hungry Cloud Darkening and S. Funkee

Feb 28th Olympia, WA – House Show w/ Young Salmon

March 1st Portland, OR – The Glittr Dome w/ Orca Team

March 2nd Corvallis, OR – Stumptown Sounds w/ Brian Smith

March 3rd Chico, CA

March 4th Davis, CA – Robot Residence w/ World History

March 5th Oakland, CA – House Show Afternoon BBQ

March 6th Santa Cruz, CA – Laurel Manor w/ Ghost Puppet

March 7th Santa Barbara, CA – The Pink Mailbox w/ Power Of Now

March 8th Los Angeles, CA – The Smell w/ Pangea and Moses Campbell

March 9th San Diego, CA – The Park Gallery

March 10th Tijuana Mexico

March 11th Megabog in Tempe, AZ

March 12th Phoenix, AZ – The Trunkspace w/ Hello the Mind Control, French Quarter, and Feel Free

March 13th Tucson, AZ – Brutal Sun Fest at Scrappys

March 14th Las Cruces, NM

March 15th Amarillo, TX– The 806

March 16th Grapevine, TX – Pause

March 17th Houston, TX – Super Happy Fun Land

March 18th Austin, TX – SXSW

March 19th Austin, TX – Waterloo Cycles 12pm

March 20th Austin, TX – SXSW

March 21st Norman, OK – The Red Room

March 22nd Kansas City, MO – The Studded Bird w/ Mary Fortune

March 23rd Denver, CO – Yellow Feather Coffee w/ All Liver no Onions and D-Starts

March 24th Grand Junction, CO

March 25th Salt Lake City, UT – House Show

March 26th Logan, UT – The Why Sound

March 27th Missoula, MT

March 28th MOSCOW, ID

March 29th SPOKANE, WA

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  1. iji says:

    The iji sets will also include some JASC songs!

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