Tour Diary — Part 2

We’ve been listening to a bunch of Dear Nora in the car and I’m hooked.  The new Pangea CD is some phenomenal garage rock.  It’s way different from their past stuff in terms of attitude, but the songwriting is still stellar. A bunch of other killer stuff as well, I always think my memory is going to be better than it is. Oh well.

Next show, Bellingham.  We played at a house called Home Bass (pronounced Base).  Zach Zinn played an ambient guitar set.  Then down to Tacoma.  The Peabody Walldorf is a really cool performance venue + art gallery.  I can imagine that on a weekend it could get crazy.  We played with Allan’s band, Humble Cub.  Check them out.  They were solid.  And it was really nice to see how many people in the audience knew the words and were singing along.

We then had a day off.  We went to the “bins,” which is like a thrift store warehouse.  There are just bins and bins of unsorted clothes and you dig through them to find stuff and then pay by the pound.  It’s extremely cheap.  I was on a mission — finding blank weird shirts to silkscreen onto for band shirts.  I found a lot of good stuff and hopefully tomorrow I will start printing these shirts (just gotta get some help exposing the emulsion).

Next, Olympia.  We played at Chez Pugez with Generifus and Takhoma.  Both were solo performances.  Takhoma was a really loud but otherwise beautiful ambient bass wall of noise.  Generifus played guitar and sang and it was good.  Of all the shows I think we sounded the best this night, and I look forward to posting video from this show.

We had another day off so Erin, Zach, and I headed to North Bend, where Twin Peaks took place.

Last night was our final show on this leg.  We played a really fun Halloween house show in Seattle with a couple halloween themed bands.  In a couple days I head down to visit friends in California.  Will probably be riding with Slashed Tires + Humble Cub from Oakland through Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz after a week or so.

None of this was possible without the incredible support of my new friends in Seattle.  For that I am extremely grateful and appreciative.  It is so special.  Thanks especially to Erin for reaching out in response to my reach out and making this a reality.  And also, special thankses to Shelby, Zach, and Erin for being down to do this tour and playing my songs.  Thanks to everybody in all the bands and venues and everybody at Pet Seminary.

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