Iceland Airwaves

We are performing at the Iceland Airwaves festival on Saturday at 20:20 at Sódóma.

Áa just sent me a link to a pretty cool personalized Airwaves schedule website, where you can select which artists you want to see and it compiles a personalized schedule for you.  Pretty handy!  Only thing to make it really top notch would be the ability to preview to a sound clip from each band.  If most people are anything like me, we have no idea who most of these bands are, and more importantly, we may love a band we know nothing about yet.  Oh well, I’ll have to spend an evening with an internet connection some time in the next few days and figure out who I most want to see.

Listen live! If you didn’t buy a ticket (it’s sold out), you can still listen to our performance live on Swedish web radio,

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