Monsters From Mars – Surfing Through a Creepy Castle (2006)

Hey, here’s a 7″ that I did with one of my previous projects.  Monsters From Mars is a surf/garage band that I started with my friend Scott in San Diego, CA way back in 2001.  Lots of tremolo picking and reverb.  On the B side we cover the Britney Spear song, Toxic, and the Joe Meek classic, Telstar.  We recorded this all analog on Scott’s Fostex reel-to-reel, but then I ended up mixing it digitally.  Still, straight to tape has a nice sound, especially what it does the to cymbals.

  1. Escape From Castle Wolfenstein
  2. Driving the Monkey to the Airport
  3. Toxic
  4. Telstar


If you want to own a vinyl copy, or simply believe in supporting music that you appreciate, then email scott william jones at gmail dot com and he’ll send you a copy for $4 + shipping.

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