Reykjavík Bootleg Series: Arnljótur

If you’re attending Iceland Airwaves this year you may quickly notice a pattern — Arnljótur is in like every band. Sin Fang, Ojba Rasta, Berndsen, … well, there must be more.  But he also performs solo fantasy electronic/organ music, which I’ve had the pleasure of catching twice. Here’s a clip of him at Hemmi og Valdi last winter. He’s also playing the flute.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Arnljotur-2010-03-19-Hemmi-og-Validi.mp3″]

Something very natural about is command of the instruments at hand, which reminds me of watching videos of Vangelis in his studio playing his orchestra of synths.  It is also very Tangerine Dream in mood.  Also reminds me of some ambient Eno.

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