City Lights

This weekend I watched the movie City Lights with some friends. Can’t think of any other movie that has made me both laugh and cry.

In other news I started recording a new song yesterday. It’s a folk song that sort of follows the same emotional arc as the movie. It’s a duet with my favorite person. 🙂 I’m getting this out of my system — love songs and stuff. I’m not actually this sweet.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Just Another Snake Cult – City Lights.mp3″]

I’m still finding that I have more luck with ideas I care less about. But it’s all part of the learning process. Simplifying is something I’m trying to get now. That’s something that I think worked really well on the album — making a song out of a really simple idea, and running it through different scenarios. This track is also though a reaction to my style from the last album where I often had 50 tracks of overdubs. I want to strive to be more concise, especially now that I’m playing with a band.

Not sure where I want to go next musically. There’s a sense where with songs like “Friends …” and “Crush …” from the album I had come up with a formula to run ideas through to make them work and I find myself returning to that with new ideas (such as “Cupid Makes A Fool Out Of Me (I Don’t Know What I Will Do)”). Don’t know if I want to try to develop that further or try experimenting with something different.

I’ve been playing around with lots of meter changes. To make them really fluid, guided by the melody. At least that’s how I hope it comes across.

I’ve been thinking about rhyming. When I was reading the songwriting book, in a lot of the earlier interviews people placed a lot of importance in perfect rhymes, syllable counting, etc. These were the necessary parts for a great song. It’s funny, because to me rhyming is little more than cute. As soon as you notice the rhyme it becomes an annoying game of seeing how the line will end. I dislike it. Perhaps it would work for me were it transparent.  But then I wouldn’t know.

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