Favorite albums of last half-decade: Choose Yr Own Adventure

I’m regretting posting a series about my favorite albums that have come out since 2005, as this takes way too much effort.

The Pharmacy – Choose Yr Own Adventure (2008)

Hands down one of the best albums of the last five years. Epic psychedelic pop punk. Piano, harpsichord, violas, cellos, ooo ooo’s, synths, wailing guitar solos, catchy sing-a-long choruses. They’ve been on nearly non-stop DIY tours since they started, which was maybe in 2004 or 2005, I’m not sure. The same label that put out the Monsters From Mars Toxic 7″ put out their first 7″ as well and I’ve been the hugest fan since. They put on an amazingly intense show as a three-piece — some of the best shows I’ve been to.


  1. þorsteinn says:

    i love it. – the series

  2. Steve Ison says:

    I’m really glad i discovered your music on thesixtyone and checked out here…Not only do you create magical music yourself-but you’re introducing me to a whole new world of intelligent,creative music from recent times…Very cool-That Cryptacise song is incredibly beautiful..Thanks very much for the inspiration 🙂
    Its a great website you have here..:)

  3. Thor says:

    Wow, thanks Steve for checking me out. That whole Cryptacize album is really cool, definitely check it out.

  4. Steve Ison says:

    This Pharmacy tracks just wonderful btw-great video too….God i love interesting creative pop so much…Such interesting selections dude…This sites a total joy..So glad you’ve spent time doing this.. 🙂

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