Favorite albums of last half-decade: 12 Crass Songs

I’m posting a series about my favorite albums that have come out since 2005.

Jeffrey Lewis – 12 Crass Songs (2006)

Jeffrey Lewis anti-folk troubadour tackles anarcho-punk band Crass. Maybe this is embarassing to admit, but I like Jeffrey Lewis’s versions much better than the original Crass versions of many of these songs. You can actually decifer all the amazing lyrics, which makes the songs so much more poignant.

On an interesting side note, I noticed that most of the songs are in the key of A, with some in E. 🙂

If you haven’t seen Jeffrey Lewis play live, go to one of his shows. He sings along to his comic books, gives history lessons, and is an overall great guy. We played a few shows with him when I was in James Rabbit and even hosted him on our floor.

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