Favorite albums of last half-decade: Colossuses

I’m posting a series about my favorite albums that have come out since 2005.

James Rabbit – Colossuses (2006)

Tyler and I had been friends for some years. We’d played in bands together. But still I hadn’t really understood what he was trying to do with this James Rabbit thing. What can I say? I’m thick. But started with this this album something clicked. This is probably the worst recording quality of any James Rabbit album that I’ve heard — downstairs neighbors had forbidden drumming, piano, or any racket at any time of the day, and Tyler had yet to find his singing voice. But the songwriting is SPOT ON, capturing a certain spirit of the times. Something recognizable to get excited about. And it was from Tyler that I learned that music does not need to have negativity and pretention. You can envision a beautiful world, where instead of wallowing in shit you try to grow. You don’t have to be cool; you can have passion and vision and that’s what matters. Despite the lo-fi-ness, and especially considering the constraints, the recording and arrangements are increadibly varied inventive — pots and pans, snaps and mouth drums, a bedroom orchestra. Playing these songs later as a member of the band I realizing another level of the strength of these songs, how the crowd would react to the horn break in Coast to Coast Heart to Heart and culminating through the outtro. These songs were born to participate in certain kinds of spaces — a hundred stoked kids in a tight living room dancing and singing their hearts out.

[wpaudio url=”http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/77066212/A.B..mp3″ text=”James Rabbit – AB.mp3″]

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