Favorite albums of last half-decade: Sunlandic Twins

I’m posting a series about my favorite albums that have come out since 2005.

Of Montreal – Sunlandic Twins (2005)

Of Montreal had pleasurably shocked our worlds when with Satanic Panic they veared from the (decreasingly lo-fi) twee psychedelic pop of their first albums to a groovy hybrid-electronic world. I had been a long time Of Montreal fan, and I think it speaks volumes when a band can reinvent themselves so dramatically and still everybody loves it. For long time (including after this album came out) Of Montreal was my most listened-to band.  And I think it just added to the fire that they kept on doing new and interesting things in a way that few of the other bands I was listening to at the time were.  On this tour Kevin Barnes gave me a hug (and stepped on my shoe).

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