Favorite albums of last half-decade: Any City

I’ve decided to post a series of posts about my favorite albums that have come out since 2005.

Pilot Scott Tracy – Any City (2005)

Listening to this now I realize how much my musical taste has changed in just five years, and in a way this was sort of a hold-over from what I was listening to five years earlier.  I don’t listen to rock so much any more.  Still, when this came out it was really exciting — basically a new Causey Way album that in some aspects outdid their previous effort.

Of course there’s still a gimmick.  They’re no longer a cult that’s “not a cult” that dresses in all white with a compound in Florida.  Now they’re an airline band.  But it’s still noisy, sassy, energetic new wave, with clever rhyming and still sometimes creepily cultish lyrics.  In The Time Has Come, we have “I’m a snake / I’m a dove / The snake represents hate / The dove represents love” and, “I am a revelator / I can tell the future.”  Babies, in which “some babies grow up to ride motorcycles” and “some babies grow up to be Wall-Mart greeters,” is reminiscent of The Causey Way’s The Smartest Employee, which is such a great sassy satire of founding a new country based on high principles, where you can pursue higher education, which in this century only amounts to you becoming the smartest employee at a meaningless day job.

I guess Brian Teasley (Birdstuff from Man…or Astro-Man?) is no longer the drummer, but you’d have to have a very good ear to be able to tell.  This album rocked.

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