Pet Shop Boys

For some time now the Pet Shop Boys have been a band that´s close to my heart.

Here´s some live footage of them performing “It´s a Sin” which appears on their 1987 album, Actually. While this song deals with oppositions between Christianity and natural human desires, most of the album thematically surrounds the effect of money on romantic relationships, from it being a source of protection to one of manipulation and power inequality — overall leaving us with the sense that the capitalist system makes prostitutes of us all. I´m blown away by the imaginativeness put into this set, costumes, projection, performance — it´s completely otherworldly. I have a weak spot for fantasy.

This next clip is from their surreal full-length film, It Couldn’t Happen Here. (embedding was disabled.) I really like the movie.. tells a story of sorts piecing together the songs, lyrics, and themes of their songs from the Actually time period. Some of it is a little over the top goofy, but some of it paints and portrait you couldn´t do without the surreal and impossible. This track, “You Were Always On My Mind” was recorded for an Elvis tribute and was the bane of the Pogues, as it beat out Fairytale of New York for the #1 spot for the Christmas top 40.

Another song that stands out to me is Being Boring. Perhaps musically it´s a little dull, but the Bruce Weber video is great, and thematically the song resonates with me. We must make the value in our life. It´s our choice to be boring, self-centered, or lazy rather than daring, caring, inventive, inspiring, enthralling, … If we´re not doing and creating with our time, then we won´t have these things in our lives. I feel fortunate to have had people in my life who have taught me this through their example and have forever inspired me by it.

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