If you’ve been looking for me, I haven’t been here

I recently found I’d gotten an email from my dad with only one line, “are you still alive?” which poses the question, if a tree falls in a forest and it’s not on facebook, did it make a sound?

I played a magical show last week shared with Linus, “Markus and the Diversion Sessions,” and with a reading from Vignir from his book Allir Litir Regnbogans.  It took place in a low attic in 105 and was not promoted on the internet.  I played a lot of new songs, arranged for ukulele and voice, which went well, so I may start playing more shows.

I also recorded a new song last week.  I’m releasing it exclusively as a selective email release.  Get in touch with your email address if you’re interested in getting emailed a copy.

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