Posted Track: Would I Be Strong Enough

I have a Thinkpad T43 that I bought off a friend when she got a new netbook.  I think that generally Thinkpads are pretty good laptops.  But apparently this specific model has a flaw where after years of the case flexing, the solder on the GPu or southbridge comes loose and so if that connection gets broken everything freezes up until you push on the right place on the keyboard and the connection on the circuit board is loosely reestablished.  Also, when it freezes up all the uSB dies (mouse and external harddrive) until it is rebooted.  So basically my computer is more for looking at than touching.  If you touch it too hard or if it isn’t sitting perfectly flat everything goes to hell.  I forget where I was going with this.  It may have had something to do with the fact that the Q and U bttons don’t really work consistently on my keyboard either, bt I’m not sre.

Anyways, a couple years ago we were working on a James Rabbit album and practicing for shows and Tyler announced that everybody was to go to their rooms and come back with a James Rabbit song.  I went to my room and came up with the basic idea for this song, but it was very clearly not at all a James Rabbit song.  So instead, this song became one of the early tracks I was working on for the Just Another Snake Cult project.  I started recording it while I still lived at the Crystal Palace.  Got frustrated and gave up on it twice.  First I thought the recording wasn’t coming along well.. bad tone, sloppy playing, uninspired arrangement, lacking in style.  But then I came back to it again and when I’d forgotten the heights it deserved to reach and was more or less content with what it was.  Then I got stock with the lyrics and could never finish them, as was the case with a whole bunch of the early songs for this project.  Again, the case of having hopes and expectation grander than my abilities.   But a couple days ago I felt the urge to tackle it again and plowed through it.  Again, being removed enough from the grand heights I saw as the song’s potential and being content with it being what it was, I was able to move forward.  (I want to return to and finish all those early unfinished recordings, as they embody the intended spirit of this project a lot better than a lot of the totally random stuff I’ve been doing lately)

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Just Another Snake Cult – Would I Be Strong Enough.mp3″]

Still probably a demo, but it’s good to have something done so I can give it some space and take a removed look at it after a bit.


  1. Marlon says:

    how/where are you getting all these drum tracks? did you get a drum set in your apartment?

  2. Thor says:

    ha, actvally this one I started recording when I still lived at the Crystal Palace, so these are my friend Dylan’s drvms. Bvt otherwise, sometimes the drvm tracks are seqvenced and sometimes I’m revsing old drvm takes from other songs and cvtting them vp and changing tempos to make it work. Not ideal, bvt it lets me get stvff done. Actvally, I think it lets me take a more abstracted approach to the drvms on a song — not stvck in svch a drvmmer playing drvms paradigm. I get to think abovt them as sovnds that happen instead of as a performance, which I think leads to more interesting prodvction, and I think that goes for all instrvments.
    Lots of the drvms I’ve been vsing are takes I did on yovr set, which I still think sovnds ideal.

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