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Here’s a song I’ve been playing around with.  A dreary waltz of sorts, romantic and cynical.  I just got a melodica, so I was anxious to try it out.  Listening back I think my whole recent “SM-57 on everything” approach should be re-evaluated.  It’s just laziness.  I’d imagine the melodica would sound significantly better with the deeper bass and crisper highs of a condenser mic.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Just Another Snake Cult – Lovers Never Die.mp3″]

I’ve always had trouble writing lyrics that aren’t true – partly because it’s hard to pull things from out of thin air, and partly because I don’t feel comfortable lying.  I also have a strong dislike for nonsensical, psuedo-poetic lyrics (ala the kind I grew up on: Nirvana, REM, Radiohead), mostly also for the latter reason–it’s hard to say something nonsensical with conviction or emotion.  It feels dishonest, let alone really goofy.

But this can also be very limiting.   What’s that leave us with?  Retelling of past events, inward states, and essays?  Doesn’t necessarily make for very interesting music.  (And actually, to be accurate the statement needs no qualifier — “I’ve always had trouble writing lyrics period.”)

So I’ve been trying to figure out how to create characters and tell stories that are true, despite being fabricated.  That appeals to me.  Creation without lying.  I’m sure this is what a lot of great lyricists do well, and that’s why I can sing along to a great song without feeling like an idiot.  The narrator isn’t me.  The narrator isn’t necessarily anybody.  The events didn’t necessarily happen.  Yet it rings true.  But where exactly does that leave us?  In the realm of inner truth?  Or the realm of pure ideology and manipulation?  Perhaps it depends on how skeptical you are.  Or maybe you’re ready to admit they’re goofy ways of saying the same thing, and maybe you’re ok with that and it doesn’t matter.

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