Track from the upcoming EP, the Dionysian Season

The nihilist-sunshine-pop EP is sloooowly coming along. I have two or three songs for it pretty much finished, and a couple more I want to see if I can get in shape for it. Rachel just sent me her vocal contributions for one of the songs, and so I’ve put together a rough mix.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Just Another Snake Cult – The Dionysian Season (rough mix).mp3″]

Rachel also sent me some back-up vocals to another track, “Heavensent, or A Valkyrie Brings the Seed of Revolution,” that you’ll also be able to hear on the EP. I’ve been thinking the original release of the EP will be available in two mediums – 1) a CD-R with linocut print envelope, and 2) a linocut print poster with download code on the back. I want to try to make the inks out of discarded vegetables, such as beats and red cabbage. I guess more on that as it develops.

In other news I rode my bike out to the music store the other day and rode home with a $65 acoustic guitar, so maybe I’ll play some solo shows soon.


  1. Matttthew says:

    Thor, this is an excellent song. Very inspired. The backing vocal’s are beautiful as well, good job.

  2. Thor says:

    Thanks, Matt! This one gave me hell. It’s made me rethink how I approach songwriting+recording.

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