Music video for “River Song” by Birds Fled From Me

Rachel holding a gnomeLast year Rachel and I got together during one hectic weekend between her Sleepy Sun obligations with the intention of shooting a Birds Fled From Me music video and recording an EP to go along with it of material she’d been working on since her last album and some older tracks that didn’t yet have proper recordings.

For the music video she chose River Song, which we decided to do a new recording of for the project. We gathered all the materials we needed at thrift stores – costumes, green bedsheet for the greenscreen – and shot it on my digital camera’s video mode. Those files sat on my hard-drive untouched for half a year until I had enough free time to try to learn how to paint and composite it all together. Here’s how it came out:

The video was to give me a chance to improve on techniques I’d started developing during the last Monsters From Mars music video. I wanted further to explore the possibilities of putting real people in fantastical settings – in this case, a children’s book world. If nothing else, it was a great learning experience. I’m looking forward to working on the next one and exploring some new, more ambitious territory.

I won’t go into too much detail about the EP, as I put a lot of time and work into this ultimately stillborn endeavor. You can stream as far as we got with it – an 11-song collection of alternate takes, outtakes, or otherwise unreleased material recorded 2006-2009 – in low quality here for a brief period:

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Listen” dl=”0″]


  1. Owl Song (originally a William:Kaiser song?)
  2. Release Me (recorded for Spaceman)
  3. Staring at the Sea (original demo)
  4. River Song (alternate version)
  5. Unloved Unhappy
  6. Have They Found
  7. What You Said When I Was Dreaming
  8. Sat There Unknowing
  9. Show Me Love
  10. Apple Sauce
  11. Phantom Hearts

Tracks 1-4,6,10,11 produced by myself; rest by Rachel. Erin Copp plays cello on 2,4. I play any synthesizers, xylophones, melodicas, and harpsichords found on tracks 1,2,4,6.


  1. emma says:

    cute! awesome! cool! etc.

  2. Jenn Dorn says:

    Hi Thor,
    Your video is really charming and well done. I particularly love how you matched camera angles of Rachel and the animated world. Really well done!

  3. Thor says:

    Thanks, Emma.

    Thanks, Jenn — what I did for the shot where the camera moves around Rachel is I left the video as a 2D layer, but made a 3D layer as a guide and keyframed the camera position so that the guide layer was the right position and rotation. I checked out your blog — I look forward to seeing your bffm video. The stills look awesome. I’m really into dark, contrasty lighting, especially backlighting. We went for a similar look when we did

  4. Jenn Dorn says:

    That’s some sick 2D/3D manipulation. and, I love the link to the b/w video. Great music and a great video to match. One of my fav aesthetics as well.
    Let’s get in touch via Facebook? I have a treatment I’d like you to look at… ~j

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