Where am I?

Life is strange.  I was eating some soft vegetable patties and over-boiled potatoes, and something sharp is either lodged in my throat or sliced me up bad going down.  So it’s been an uncomfortable couple days.  But that passes.

I don’t have internet at my place, which is fantastic.  So updated will be much sparser.   There is where I live:

I want to paint the walls, but haven’t gotten around to it.  Not sure what colors.  I’m thinking green for the lower half, a light yellow for the upper half, and leaving the top white.

On Saturdays I’m out at Lækjatorg with Food Not Bombs.  Come by and say hello and partake in the feast – dish after dish of the finest finery.  Or, come by the apartment for tea or pancakes or something.  It’s above Noodle Station on Skólavörðustígur; my doorbell is the orange one.

I’ve been working on more songs, so expect to hear those soon!  I’ve been making lots of banana barley flax pancakes.  I’ve been eating like a king.  I’ve also been making good progress on my music video for Birds Fled From Me, which has also been a crash course in painting.

If anybody here in Reykjavík would like to play music with me, I would love that — Please be in touch.

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