Order the “Surf Songs” Compilation Now

The “Surf Songs” compilation is out now, featuring tracks by Red Pony Clock, iji, and a bunch of other rad bands, and yours truly as well.  Comes with a fold-out poster by Zach Burba from iji.  Here’s the full tracklist:

  1. just another snake cult
    [wpaudio url=”http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/362126609/You%2BCan%2BRide%2BMy%2BSurfboard.mp3″ text=”“you can ride my surfboard””]
  2. boogie nazis “undertow”
  3. jettycats “here come the squares”
  4. sandy city “comfort crash”
  5. glass cake “superior to the sea”
  6. little angry “the onion peel feel”
  7. slashed tires “beach ghost”
  8. baby aviators “shiny water”
  9. young salmon “starry eyed car ride”
  10. rainbow bridge “big wave rider”
  11. the u-hauls “ghost in the cove”
  12. little swamp “ocean weeze”
  13. dennis driscoll “surfin’ (acoustic version)”
  14. yr <3 breaks “start by walking”
  15. manners “meah”
  16. pet dander “soggy heartbeat”
  17. angelo spencer “hayfever”
  18. iji “surfer girl”
  19. red pony clock/lazer boner “couch surfin”
  20. premise beach “lizard brain”
  21. sundance kids “the surfer”

It’s five surf dollars from Wizards of the Ghost, just send an email to wizardsoftheghost@gmail.com to order.

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