This last weekend I was filling in on keys for James Rabbit, and we played with one of my favorite bands, Pangea!  They were freakin’ amazing as always.

They’re from the Los Angeles area.  They’re a part of an association of friends that call themselves the Griznar Collective.  They play some raw, stripped down, keyboard-y, energetic, and dancey-as-all-hell pop.

Here’s a couple videos to give you an idea:

Last year they self-released an EP called OUTTA YER SHELL into my mouth. From the openning track, “You Sleep Too Much,” onwards, it is absolutely amazing.  Before that I think they did a self-titled full-length that I remember being pretty damn good as well, but I don’t have it any more.  Now they just released a 7″ called Never Not Know Nothing, which is great too!

Here’s my favorite of their new material:


  1. Rachel S says:

    Thor this is absolutely unrelated, but I need some good sources for how to make Kombucha. You being the person to introduce me to it, I figured you would be an expert. Thanks!

    • Thor says:

      Aha! One of my favorite topics — creating fermented foods. I will write up my recipe, observations, and tips, and post it to the blog soon.

  2. Matt says:

    Is there anywhere I can get that “Not Anyone Knows” song? The link doesn’t work and I remember really liking it when I first heard it here.

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