When World Economies Go Haywire

We are in the midst of the beginning of a world financial crisis that’s been a long time coming. Will the financial leviathan come up with a quick patch? Who knows. I sure don’t.

One thing that is a definite possibility is instability in food prices. They might skyrocket.

Look out for early warning signs. Last summer we were hearing that the price of wheat had increased 10-fold, but it wasn’t until months and months later that pasta at Trader Joe’s increased from 60 some cents a pound to 99. Chances are that news will travel up the supply chain faster than the price increases themselves will. Use that to your advantage, and buy the (non-perishable) food at the reasonable price while you can and know it won’t last.

Also, and this is pretty obvious — start growing some of your own food. I wish I had more experience in this area, but so far all I have is some seeds in the ground. Find out what will grow in your area, and at this time of year. Here in California there’s something to be grown year-round.

Increasing food prices are hitting poorer nations pretty hard right now.

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