Taking a break from the Blog

This sort of started out as a personal blog that happened to cover most of the important stuff going on with the band, but also anything else going on in my life. It was good to have a place to write stuff, if not for anything else just for the sake of practicing expressing my thoughts. That exercise helped me get better at expressing thoughts in lyrics as well, which in turned helped me finally finish the first album.

As time went on this blog evolved more and more into the band’s main website. I thought it was important to have a stand-alone website (as opposed to just using a service like FB). It was deliberately casual and unprofessional-looking, and that went hand-in-hand with some ideals I had about the internet, free flow of information, and opening up or breaking down these top-down/gatekeeper structures in our society, especially in the music world. I thought the time was coming that we could use this technology reach and relate to each other on a massive level, and you didn’t have to front, and you didn’t have to go through corporate middle-men to get your music or music news.

I realize now this was based on a totally delusional understanding of the music world, and an embarrassingly generous view of human nature.

ANyways, this blog is redundant. If I feel the need to say something, I have plenty of other venues. Email list, tumbler, tweeter, and FB. Pick yr poison.

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