Airwaves Concludes

And so Iceland Airwaves ’12 concludes. I caught I lot of great shows, but not half of what I would have liked to see. It was cool to see Dirty Projectors, and to discover Blouse.

We also played five times. Our first day was a little shaky, but after that we kicked into gear and had a lot of fun. Thanks to everybody who came out to our shows!

With so much going on it’s easy to get lost in all the noise. But one of our performances got a glowing review:

A few seconds into their first song, I had witnessed the coolest opening of a show at the Airwaves 2012. The guy in the middle, singer/guitarist/things-master/ringleader, runs across the stage, jumps over the barricade and breaks into singing and dancing. The sincere kind might I add. No shenanigans. I’m swooned. And there’s hardly anybody here. The crowd is glued to the sides, leaving a gaping floor to this one-man love dance. That kid has got some balls. He obviously doesn’t give a fuck. Right there, I’m on Just Another Snake Cult’s side.

In matter of three or four songs the guy’s gone through a few instruments I’ve never seen before, he’s using a drumstick on his acoustic guitar, effects come in play liberally and no song sounds the same. Some are tender, others sombre. One song makes you drift off, the next gets one all pensive. Most importantly, Just Another Snake Cult made us wonder. […]

Read the full thing on the Grapevine Airwaves site.

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