Birds Carried Your Song Through the Night EP

I’m excited to announce that there is a new Just Another Snake Cult cassette coming out! out now and selling out quickly! It is titled Birds Carried Your Song Through The Night. It is being released by Off Tempo in a limited edition of 100. It features cover art by my friend Vince Waring. It’ll be released in time for my small California tour (check here for dates). I did a tour of California performing this cassette and it was wonderful.

$6. Preorder it now and I’ll pay the shipping (in the US, or Iceland but you’ll have to wait a month). Just send me an email: thor at bandwidthbeta dot com If you’re in Iceland, I’ll have a few copies here soon. For the US and the rest of the world, order directly from Off Tempo.

This release is not available digitally. But I’ve cut together a preview:

Since January I’ve been hanging out in California, taking care of various things I needed to take care of (and escaping winter). While out here and away from the rest of the band I’ve been doing some solo Just Another Snake Cult performances. I dug my old Ensoniq SQ-80 synthesizer out of my parents’ the garage and arranged a set of songs that I could perform alone. It’s mostly the same songs from previous recordings, but given a stripped down, sparse and atmospheric treatment. I liked the result, and so that’s why I made this EP.

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