Monsters From Mars

Do you know my other band, Monsters From Mars?

photo by the legendary Chris Woo

We started Monsters From Mars in 2001, playing instrumental surf rock ala Dick Dale, the Ventures, the Bomboras, The Lively Ones, The Original Surfaris — stuff like that. Lots of spring reverb, tremelo picking, horror movie riffs, and exotic scales. After a little while I started mixing in garage rock influences. Paul, our drummer, brought in a cool progressive element. So we’re still a surf rock band, but it’s surf rock informed by Philip Glass, Goblin, Bobby Beausoleil.

Anyways, the other day I got around to uploading the rest of the still relevant recordings to the Bandcamp page.

These two are free downloads:

Check out the Bandcamp page if you want to check out what else we’ve got up there. Our 7″ is really cool — it’s got a cover of Britney Spears’s Toxic.

Our webpage also has a bunch of sweet photos from over the years.

Monsters From Mars has sort of been on hiatus recently since I’ve been everywhere except San Diego the past few years. But we’ve got a few shows lined up now. The next one is April Friday 13th at the Che Cafe.

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