“Express” by James Rabbit

One of my close friends, Tyler Martin, has a band called James Rabbit.

I met Tyler at UC Santa Cruz. We’d talk about music and bedroom recording and for a bit played together in a band called Nicky and His Dreamers. After college Tyler moved into an old, half-condemned house on Blackburn St nicknamed The Crystal Palace (after the sheets of glass our friend Jamie Burkart once lined it with). The talent pouring from that house was amazing. For a couple years I lived in the house and played with the band. It was one of the best times in my life. As much as I grow as a musician, the talent coming out of James Rabbit is always leagues ahead of me, always blowing my mind, always setting an impossible standard.

Since starting the band when he was a 16-year-old high school student in Fresno, CA he has released over 60 full-length, incredibly imaginative, weird, and catchy-as-all-hell indie-pop albums. Yes, over sixty. Are they all good? Well, many of them were released in such limited runs that they’re no longer available. But if you want to get a sense, you’re in luck because they just released their first greatest hits collection, entitled Express.

Download Express for free now.

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