R.I.P. Ghosts

The experience of missed opportunities has taught me one of the most valuable lessons — to not put things off, to embrace the chaos of going head first into experiences because we have but such a narrow window.   (Which is of course easier said than done.)   It’s the rare things–the ones you must actively strive most for–that are the most rich.

When I think about the internet today, with its widespread free and seemingly-eternal availability of music, we lose that sense of value.  Like anything readily available at little cost or effort it’s so easily taken for granted, and the appreciation is much different, much shallower, and much more about our own pleasure than any sort of rich relationship.

Ghosts I had that in mind when I released the Ghosts EP as a “temporal release”—one that it came with an unspecified expiration date.  Well, that date has come, and Ghosts is quietly disappearing from the internet.  If you jumped on the opportunity to downoad it (a very simple act usually taken for granted) you can now appreciate being one of the few people who can listen to songs like City Lights and Turning Into Mud.

Birds Carried Your Song Through the Night is available on a cassette tape from Wizards of the Ghost.  I Know She Does and Engaged Withdrawal are still available as the I Know She Does single (but no longer free of charge).

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