My Guide to Airwaves 2011, part 2: Thursday

Ok, the chaos has already insued. Wednesday was great! Will post the link to the KEXP archive stuff when I get the chance. Played an acoustic show at Barbara as well, which was totally off the hook. Tried to get into a couple on-venue shows but the queues were too long.

I don’t think I can give an overview of the foreign bands playing at Airwaves. Anyway, it’d be far more unbalanced and biased than my overview of the Icelandic bands. Instead I’ll just share with you what I’m going to do. Here’s my Thursday.

I’m going to see Kira Kira because I never have.

Then we’re heading over to Reykjavík Backpackers hostel and playing there (a little earlier than originally scheduled probably).

Then I’m going to bolt down to catch the Chimera Music acts at Harpa Norðurljós.

This show kicks off at 8PM with The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, which is a Sean Lennon psych-pop duo with a lady named Charlotte Kemp Muhl. Cooooool. I’ll probably miss this unfortunately.

They are followed by a band called Fig, which is a new project of Yuka C. Honda (Cibo Matto) and Nels Cline (Wilco). I don’t know more, but there’s a clip on their site that sounds cool. I’ll probably miss this as well.

Then comes Consortium Musicum at 10pm. This is what I most want to see at Airwaves this year. This is a noisy experimental duo between Greg Sonier (drummer of Deerhoof) and Sean Lennon. Bring your ear plugs. I’ll probably miss most if not all of this, unfortunately.

They’re followed by MI-GU, which is a band lead by the drummer from Cornelius and Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band.

And finally at 11:40pm comes Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band. Legendary. Doesn’t need any more description.

If you stay for Yoko Ono, you’re missing out on Yacht and Secret Chiefs 3 — all playing at the same time.

Yacht came out of a music scene I was really into for a while during my more formative years. Haven’t kept up on his stuff lately though.

Secret Chiefs 3 is an instrumental band with members from Mr Bungle, and I think that gives a pretty good guide to how they sound.

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