What is Just Another Snake Cult?

Good question! This is something that’s constantly being revised. Today it’s sort of two things. It is and has been from the start something cathartic I do in my bedroom with microphones, instruments, strange chord progressions, and lots of layering. But also, it’s a nearly-10 person psychedelic pop ensemble! I’ve been stealing members from other bands all over Reykjavík — Sudden Weather Change, The Heavy Experience, Markús and the Diversion Sessions and Muck, Útidúr, Skelkur í Bringu, … We’ve got some shows coming up to show it off!

September 28th at Hemmi & Valdi, part of the “Grapevine Grassroots” series.
Oct 12-14th at the Iceland Airwaves festival (both on-venue and off-venue).

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