Rain on a Sunny Afternoon: Psychedelic Sunshine Pop Playlist (3/4)

Part 3 of 4:


Jason Crest – “A Place in the Sun” The Collected Works of Jason Crest are suuuuuper lo-fi.  The band was never successful.  Some of the songs are nice.

The Zombies – “Beechwood Park” — Also from Odyssey and Oracle.

Sagittarius – “The Truth is Not Real” — Also from Present Tense.

White Noise – “Love Without Sound” — Also from Electric Storm.

Beach Boys – “Wind Chimes” — Also from the Smile sessions.

The Association – “Never My Love” — I find most of their other songs hard to stand, but this one is absolutely beautiful.

Chamaeleon Church – “Come Into Your Life” — Chevy Chase played drums and keyboards in this psych pop band.  This group is on both the goofy and soft side.

Beach Boys – “Never Learn Not to Love” — The Beach Boys cover of the Charles Manson song “Cease to Exist.”

Will post the 4th and final part shortly.

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