Rain on a Sunny Afternoon: Psychedelic Sunshine Pop Playlist (2/4)

Part 2 of 4:


Spanky & Our Gang – “Lazy Day”

Flower Pot Men – “Lets Go to San Francisco” — This song is nearly a perfect specimen.  Once upon a time I tried to dissect it.  Those little bass lines are so cool.

The Zombies – “Hung Up on a Dream” — From the Odyssey and Oracle album.  Hard to believe this band called it quits because they weren’t getting anywhere with it.

Billy Nicholls – “Would You Believe?” — From Would You Believe?, a British attempt at taking on Pet Sounds.  Much more a rock album though.

Left Banke – “Pretty Ballerina” — The Left Banke are referred to as “baroque pop” for their use of harpsichords and older scale modes.  Great schitzophrenic use of falsetto in this song.

Beach Boys – “God Only Knows” — Brian Wilson song (with Carl singing lead) from Pet Sounds.

Curt Boettcher – “Another Time” (demo) — Another version of this song appears on the Sagittarius Present Tense album.

Justin Heathcliff – “You Know What I Mean” — Psych from Japan.

Tinkerbells Fairydust – “Marjorine”

Beach Boys – “Little Bird” — A Dennis Wilson track.

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  1. Nikki says:

    Finlaly! This is just what I was looking for.

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