ANNOUNCING: “Experiments in Bedroom Pop,” the Just Another Snake Cult MP3 club.

Think of it as an exclusive, real-time, evolving album with extensive personal liner notes.  Sign up today so you can start getting all the tracks starting from the begining.   As new songs come out of me they’ll get sent out to all the members of the MP3 club, along with some thoughts on the recording process, the context of the song, or whatever else I think is interesting or pertinent.

The “album” as a medium feels so removed from my process. I’m thinking of this as more direct way to share my music with those who take a particular interest in it – one that more reflects its spontaneous nature, and that more actively engages the listener.

To kick it off, I’ve got a brand new song called “What Was Your Name?” Here’s a clip of me laying down the air drum track:

Sign up now to get this song and other super rare, future songs!

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